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Special Class for Job Seekers

Special Class for Job Seekers

 Are you thinking of learning English as a second language? Well, brushing up on your language skills can open up more opportunities and help your career. 

Students and Professionals with great fluency in English are considered as high-value across the globe. Hence learn
English by connecting with Top Spoken English Trainers and boost your career prospects. 

We are offering special class and training to help those who are looking for job in private companies. Oxbridge’s objective is to trained intermediate and graduate students for interviews with all necessary skills.  


  • Customer Support Training  
  1. Online Excellence Customer Centric on the phone  
  2. Listening skills  
  3. Remotely troubleshooting skills 
  • Personal Development 
  1. CV and Interview skills  
  2. Communication Skills  
  3.  Presentation skills  
  4. Soft skills  


Spend few months with Oxbridge and build a confidence to achieve your goal easily, Oxbridge is in Ranchi to help every single students who are having problem with speaking English language and qualifying job’s interview. We just don’t build your confidence with different skills but guarantee to place them in reputed companies as well. Join us today

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