Why Oxbridge
  • Strict English Environment to impart best skills and knowledge of English manners, customs, traditions, etc.
  • Audio and Visual classes to improve pronunciation and accent.
  • Special care classes and extra-curricular activities to expose the latent talent of students on weekends.
  • The most recent and easiest grammar, usage, vocabulary, etc.
  • Personality Development Program for all round development.
  • GD classes after completion of the course at an affordable fee.
  • Test (grammar, spoken and vocabulary) after every terminal to observe the progress of students.
  • Well-equipped class-rooms with best infrastructure.
  • Special focus on the enrichment of vocabulary.
  • Our own specialized and experienced teachers along with university teachers to help students acquire near-native command over English.
  • Ability test before admission to assess the level of students and to categorize them for different courses.
  • Stage activities to instill confidence into students.
  • Co-education that removes gender distinction and creates competitive environment in the class.
  • Our own study material designed after years of painstaking research by scholars to meet the requirements of students.
  • Pre-guidance classes to strengthen the foundation of students.
  • 100% job guarantee after successful completion of course.
  • Friendly environment that helps students shed off their shyness and embolden them.
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