We conduct courses for students at all levels. There are courses for absolute beginners, and also for senior executives and professionals. Our English courses are targeted towards improving all levels of fluency, from the beginner levels to the more advanced levels. These courses are designed to help students use English fluently in their day-to-day affairs.

The various levels signify a person's ability to comprehend and speak the language correctly and effectively in various situations i.e. the command or fluency he/she has in the language. At Oxbridge we also refer to them as the Oxbridge Levels:

Corporate Training

After the student is ready to deal with any situation with good command over the language, Oxbridge offers Corporate Training for...

Advanced Program

All these levels include and emphasize grammar, usages, vocabulary and extensive practice sessions. We stress on how to use the grammar...

Intermediate Program

Foundation English Course: This signifies that one is a beginner and has basic command to deal with his/her basic everyday situation...

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