About Us

Oxbridge is an autonomous institution catering to those who aspire to master the English language. We are a well known institution imparting complete language and communication solutions for corporates and individuals. Since our inception in 1993, we have successfully trained more than 30000 students & our students are well placed in India and abroad. We are a leading Communication Centre committed to train human resource in India to achieve communicative competence in English. We enable those, who are deprived of education in high class convent schools, to succeed in cut-throat competition for jobs.

We have already established ourselves as an institution of international standards in the field of English communication by providing successful training to thousands of aspirants across the country. We provide training through various methods such as listening, speaking, writing, group discussion, mock interview, debate, presentation, commentary and many more.

We are one of the leading institutions imparting courses for Interviews, Group Discussion, Soft Skills, English Communication, English Language Teaching, Distance Learning Program and Customer Relation Management along with various business associates across the country. We at Oxbridge recognize these courses as a significant and reliable instrument for employment, development and social change.

We also extend our expertise and brand to new partners and centers across India for our educational programs. The focus of these courses is to acquaint students with the best industry requirements of Interview, Group Discussion and to familiarize them with the art of English Conversation. Effective communication is paramount to progress, be it personal and professional progress. Language skills enriches one's personality, social life, and opens up job opportunities, while lack of language fluency hampers communication and subsequently progress. We at Oxbridge aim to enable our students to remove this barrier to progress. Many of the world's leading companies and many of the more communicative government and international institutions have recognized this and chosen Oxbridge as their preferred language school.

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